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2008-04-16 01:25 pm

Stand ready, stand proud

Excerpted from my local newspaper:

"Since 1994, students in high schools and middle schools across Vermont and the nation have respectfully but consciously chosen to stay silent while in school for one day a year. Their silence hopes to raise awareness of anti-queer (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning) name-calling, bullying and harassment inside and outside of schools. This is an action by both queer and allied (straight) students to listen attentively and peacefully teach their peers about the value of all people."

Today is that Day of Silence, Wednesday April 16, 2008.
   Let those of us who are older, who may not have gotten a Day of Silence in our school years, support the students who remain respectfully silent.  Let us always support the fight for LGBTIQQ rights, and strive to gather more allies with us.